How to Download Windows 7 Media Codecs

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How many times have you tried to play a video or audio file on your PC only to find out that you can’t because you don’t have the right codec? With Windows 7 you will have the same issue as previous OS unless you will be able to find all the correct codecs scattered on the Internet and install them on your operating system. Wouldn’t be nice to have everything in one place and download all the Windows 7 Media (audio and video) codecs all at once? WinSevenCodecs  is a free utility containing a complete set of audio and video codecs for your Windows 7. The following filetypes are enabled and SUPPORTED by the installation of the Windows 7 Codecs; amr | mpc | ofr | divx | mka | ape | flac | evo | flv | m4b | mkv | ogg | ogv | ogm | rmvb | xvid.

If you want to download such a tool, click here.

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