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Who said that in order to have a fast Internet you only need to buy an expensive Internet connection? Don’t  get me wrong, you do need to sign up a contract with your trusted Internet provider, but maybe you do not know that you can use some nice trick to make your Internet service faster than ever. It is the case of the new Google DNS service which aims to make your web browsing experience a lot faster.

Google DNS is a new service whose goal is to let you surf faster than ever. But how does it work? According to Google : “Most of us aren’t familiar with DNS because it’s often handled automatically by our Internet Service Provider (ISP), but it provides an essential function for the web. You could think of it as the switchboard of the Internet, converting easy-to-remember domain names — e.g., www.google.com — into the unique Internet Protocol (IP) numbers — e.g., — that computers use to communicate with one another”.

Basically, you will need to change the DNS (Domain Name System -DNS- resolution service) offered by your Internet provider with the ones offered by Google DNS which are safer, better and faster than any other DNS!

The Google Public DNS IP addresses are:


If you want to know how to change your DNS with the ones offered by Google read these small Google guides for Windows and MAC OS X and Linux. This is instad the official Google DNS page.

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One Comment to “How to Improve Internet Speed With Google DNS”

  1. Aaron Stone Says:

    I haven’t done this before . It works and I’ve learn (I dig ) a little about DNS stuff. Great tip !

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