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txtr_ebook_readerLately, all the major computer and software houses have released a lot of interesting, free e-books to download right away. The issues with such books is that sometimes they are well-hidden among big, important websites such as Apple.com or Microsoft.com. During my Internet rambling I have written about such books but, since they are all scattered over Web Talk, I have decided to collect them all together!

  1. What you can do before you call Tech Support.  A useful guide for Windows 7 users to solve the most common Windows 7 issues…before calling Microsoft Support Team!
  2. Deploying Windows® 7 Essential Guidance. Check out what the industry’s leading experts have to say in this free Microsoft Press ebook with selected chapters from the Windows 7 Resource Kit on Deployment Platforms, Planning, Testing Application Compatibility.
  3. Windows 7 Inside Out / Windows 7 Resource Kit. Two free ebooks packed with tons of tricks to solve your Windows 7 problems.
  4. Windows 7 Tips and Tricks. Well, isn’t that clear? Directly from Microsoft’s best, the ultimate guide for your Windows 7.
  5. Windows 7 Product Guide. The Windows 7 Product Guide provides a detailed look at the many new and improved features in Windows 7.
  6. Google Wave ebook. Everything you want to know about Google Wave.  (the ebook is free for online consult).
  7. iPhone User Guide. Learn everything there is to know about the iPhone directly from Apple.
  8. 3 Firefox free ebooks. A mini list containing 3 ebooks for Firefox with tons of tricks!
  9. First Look Office 2010. A wonderful book containing a detailed description of the features contained in Office 2010.

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