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KGB_ArchiverThere are a lot of ways to compress your bulky files thanks to compression tools such as WinRar, WinZip etc. However, they might be quite unadequate for your need, above all if you want to compress very large files. I have found an incredible compressor able to beat most of the well-known tools.

KGB Achiever is a free compression tool with an unbelievable high compression rate. It will amaze you!  Here is a list of its features:

If you want to know more, visit KGB Achiever homepage.

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One Comment to “An Incredible Compression Tool better than WinRar and WinZip”

  1. ha14 Says:

    this is nice tool, i had a compressed file from 750mo to 7mo, i needed kgb to decompress back the 7mo to 750mo and it took 6h on my pc with an intel core2duo E6320 processor

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