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As you know, Windows 7 comes bundled with some nice, free themes. You may also decide to create and make your own custom theme thank to this little guide. If you wish to improve your Microsoft operating system further and download Windows 7 themes for free, I have got a great tip for you!

WindlowBlind is an incredible free application which allow you to change and modify every aspect of your Windows 7 feel and look by applying new, incredible skins! Here is a list  of its most important features:

  • Literally thousands of free skins.
  • Modify everything in your boring Windows 7 theme.
  • Create your own skins that add additional buttons to the title bar to make your OS more functional.
  • Add new features to Windows 7 and embed them in your skin.
  • Change progress animations.
  • Skin different programs with different skins.
  • Add animations to your start panel.
  • The software is quite light and won’t slow your system down.

If you want to know more, click here.

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3 Comments to “Download Incredible Windows 7 Themes With WindowBlinds”

  1. swarfega Says:

    The “free” version is laballed as a demo.

  2. Web Talk Says:

    It is labeled as a free application because there is a free version as well (which has got less options of course). However, not to confuse my readers, I have also labeled it as shareware! Thanks. 🙂

  3. Brainscooper Says:

    I thought Window Blinds is a shareware, which works for some time before you are forced to pay for it. Why have you labelled it as a free application?

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