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At last I have found some extra, spare time to revise and release a new guide! To tell you the true  it has been sitting on my computer for a couple of months.  The issue is that I didn’t manage to find time to dedicate to complete it. Its name is 20 Great Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Blog and Bandwidth From Spam and comes from what I have learned since I have started blogging. It deals with tricks, tips, hacks, articles I have written long time ago and sit unread somewhere on my blog (bu they are quite useful!) which may help you to optimize your WordPress blog or your website. It is written in a non-technical language so that, even though you are not a tech-savvy guy, you can implement what it says easily and without any specific knowledge.  Enjoy!

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One Comment to “New Guide Released. Learn how to Protect your Blog and Bandwidth From Spam!”

  1. Dennis F Says:

    Looks like you spent a lot of time on this. Great job and very through for a newbie.

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