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As you know, defragmentation (defrag) is one of the best help you can give your computer to make it faster and more responsive. Here is a small article to help you to quick defrag your computer. However, if you wish to get a freeware program able to speed up the defrag process and at the same time defrag and optimize your computer, I have just found an interesting utility for you.

SpeeDefrag is a free tool which once launched, restarts your computer, refresh your RAM and automatically launches the defrag process! The result is that your defragmentation will be optimized and it will also be a lot faster! A further option allows the software to  shutdown or restart your computer automatically once defrag is over. Other features include:

  • Defragmentation of multiple drives supported
  • It simply lets your Microsoft Windows Disk Defragmenter give its best
  • Defrag optimizes its command line interface defrag.exe
  • It solves many defrag problems by loading minimal things with defrag running
  • It keeps your computer running smooth
  • As the name says it makes Windows Disk Defragmenter to defrag your drives really fast
  • Compatible with Win Xp and Vista
  • If you want to know more, visit this website.

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    3 Comments to “How to Speed up Defrag”

    1. Dresandreal Sprinklehorn Says:

      I am using Windows Vista Home premium with SP2. I ran the install wizard. I answered all the survey nonsense with wrong answers because it’s none of their business. Then it kept saying WAIT and locked up.

      I closed it out with Task Manager. Then I clicked on the desktop icon and it ran ok but it wanted to restart my computer. So I uninstalled it and now I’m sticking with jkdefrag. 🙂

      Worthless junk!

      But I do love this great free app “Revo Uninstaller”. It got rid of that turkey very fast and left nothing behind.

    2. Dennis F Says:

      I use Auslogics Disk Defrag and have been very pleased. Sounds like SpeeDefrag is not ready for prime time.

      I’ll ask my son when I see him if he can help. I don’t see an out.

    3. Arnold Klingler Says:

      Installed & ran SpeeDefrag. It’s left my machine in an endless loop trying to boot up to Windows Safe Mode. It immediately shuts down & starts all over again. Any suggestions? Windows 7 Pro, NTFS Raid volume, high end dual processor machine. Could use a little help. Thanks

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