How to Hide Icons From the System Tray

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Web Talk has already talked about this issue. You might want to read this article on how to hide icons and this other one talking about how to hide security notifications. However, if you are looking for a nice, free program able to make the “dirty job” for you, I have got what you are looking for! So let’s see how to hide Icons and other objects from the system tray thanks to a little application. 

RunInTray is a small, freeware application able to conceal icons from the system tray. This is especially useful for those applications which do not have the “minimize to the tray” feature. This utility works on all Windows operating system and DOS base programs. The way it works is really simple. Reading from the website: “Run in Tray, runs a program. When Run in Tray is minimized, it hides the other program’s windows and places the program’s icon in the system tray, or Notification Area” .

If you want to know more, or if you just want to download the application, click here.

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