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handy backupA few weeks ago I posted an article where I offered you free Handy Backup licenses for free. Since the giveaway promotion had a  big success I have decided to extend the offer by giving you the opportunity to get other 4 Handy Backup licenses. Recently, I was contacted by Irina, Internet Marketing Manager at Novosoft who was kind enough to give me other licenses! Here is what you have got to do to grab this promotion! 

First of all, let me briefly explain to you what this tool is about. Handy Software is a great data backup which performs automated backup of your computer. Its key features are:

  • You can backup up specific files and folders.
  • There are presets and plug-ins designed to facilitate My Documents backup, Windows registry backup, Outlook backup, etc.
  • You can backup whatever you wish on whatever support you want such as USB dongle, External HDD, CD, DVD etc.
  • You can compress and encrypt your backups.
  • You can run backups as Windows service. This option allows performing absolutely inconspicuous backups, not requiring the user to be logged in.

During these holidays Novosoft is giving you a great opportunity. In fact, they just launched a Winter Holidays offer for Handy Backup, which enables users to order a license with 20% discount and get a bonus license as a gift.

Here is what you have to do to get a free Handy Backup standard license.

  1. You have to leave a common on this post where, among the other things, you say that you are interested in this giveaway. Please, be original since I will take into consideration what you write.
  2. Subscribe to Web Talk feeds.  Fill-in the field with your real email address. An email will be sent to your email account. Open it and click the embedded link to activate the account to read the feeds. (by the way, I can see if you activate the account or not).
  3. Done!
  4. If you win the license you can download Handy Backup here.

This promotion ends on the 2nd Janaury 2010

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3 Comments to “Get 4 Handy Backup Licenses for Free! Reloaded Promotion (Save $40)”

  1. btor Says:

    i this promo over i really need a key for this handt backup, will be happy to have a license please

  2. ha14 Says:

    with handy backup it is possible to choose what to backupand the available pluggins give places to backup selectvely some wanted files. Backingwindows registry files is importabt for recovery, whereas backing safely outloock is important for windows migration.

  3. Brainscooper Says:

    I have used a number of backup software in the past, including the stuff built in into Vista Business Edition. While they all back up stuff such as email and other documents automatically, what I really found useful is the ability to create a disk image, and a rescue disk. Now, I create a new disk image of the C drive once a month, saving it on to my external hard drive. If my computer ever crashes totally, I have the ability to restore it back to what it was within 10-15 minutes! I can either format the drive and copy the disc image, or (as it once happened) replace the HDD and copy the image on to the new drive! It really saves a lot of time and heartache!

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