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Hollywood has accustomed us to incredible movies costing millions of dollars. But, do movie makers really need such large sums of money to realize their movies? According to some people a good, spectacular movie could cost less than you think! Let’s say …a few bucks! Don’t you believe me? Watch this $300 dollars movie and think again!

Panic Attack is a short movies which, every time I watch it, leaves me with my mouth wide open! It was made by a “unknown” producer from Uruguay, Fede Alvarez, who uploaded it to YouTube in November 2009. Right after that, Hollywood contacted him offering around 30 millions of dollars to make a “real” movie!

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One Comment to “Panic Attack: a Simple, Incredible, $300 Budget Short Movie”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    That was great. I wish I had his artistry. Well done and well worth the time it takes to view it. Thanks for putting it up, Web Talk

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