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windows 7Some time ago I posted a couple of articles on how to create sticky notes and how to customize sticky notes on Windows 7.  Today I am going to write about some nice shortcuts which let you add some spicy to your notes such as Bold text, bulleted list etc.

If you do not like the default features in your sticky notes, here is a brief list containing shortcuts to rather unknown options which let you customize sticky notes in some unexpected way:

  1. Decrease the default text size: Press Ctrl + Shift + <
  2. Increase the default text size: Press Ctrl+Shift+>
  3. Make a bulleted list: Press Ctrl+Shift+L
  4. Make a numbered list: Press Ctrl+Shift+L Right after that press these combination key again to get the numbered list.
  5. Make the default text size bold:  Press Ctrl+B
  6. Underline the default text size: Press Ctrl+U

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