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windows 7How many times have you wished to hide, conceal or even mask your pictures and images from nosy people? Of course, there are a lot of software in the Internet able to protect your stuff but the issue is that they are not for free or are tricky to use. If you are looking for a quick solution, here is a simple trick which, in a couple of seconds, is able to hide and mask your files on-the-fly!

  1. Click Start.
  2. In the Search box field type CMD and press Enter.
  3. In the command prompt, type cd.. This will show you the C:\ Partition.
  4. Assuming that the picture you want to hide is under C:\  and that its name and extension is image.jpg  type: ren image.jpg image.txt (This is the syntax ren:(your file name and extension)(space)(your file name and the file extension you want to turn it to)
  5. The command above (ren image.jpg image.txt) will turn your image to a txt file. People trying to open such a  file will see unintelligible characters.
  6. Of course to get the picture back, simply type: ren image.txt image.jpg
  7. This trick works for every kind of file

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3 Comments to “How to Hide and Conceal Pictures and Images Using DOS”

  1. Brian Lineberger Says:

    You don’t have to use the DOS command, if you are unconfortable with that. Just rename it in Windows using the regular Windows system by changing the filetype to “txt”. When you want to reclaim it, do the reverse. I did this just now with a junk image and it worked.

  2. dotnet Says:


    I think the purpose of this is to confuse people that trying to open the file.
    *.txt will get people automatically thinking it of a text file, so they will open it with notepad or another text editor and get confused with the content.

    Files without extension will just get people to try all programs they have to open it.

    But, that’s a good idea, though (the multiple rename).

  3. tblount Says:

    Why one at a time? And why give them any extension at all?
    With NO extension, they can’t be associated with ANY program.

    Do them all in the folder like this”

    ren *.jpg *.

    ren *. *.jpg to get them back

    You can even have all kinds of other programs in the folder including .txt and they will not be changed to .jpg when renamed back.

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