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badgeThere are a lot of reasons to be concerned while surfing the Internet which could lead you to delete your private files from your browser. In fact, other users can intercept and spy your Internet  footprints which are left behind while you visit a website or access to a protect area. Of course, there are hundreds of ways to protect your privacy. So, lets see how to cleanup Firefox and Google Chrome from the dangerious temporary files (and other files) which can reveal other people what you are doing while in front of your PC.

Click&Clean is a simple, free add-on for Firefox and Googler Chrome able to delete all those trace which can out your privacy in jeopardy. This simple to use addon which works by clicking a simple button is able to:

  • Delete your browsing history.
  • Erase all temporary Internet files.
  • Remove downloaded files history, cookies, temporary files, typed URLs.
  • It can also be set to delete your private data when you turn off your Internet browser.
  • Full support and integration for free tools like: CCleaner, WiseDiscCleaner, FCleaner, …

If you want to know more, visit the official website. If you want to download the add-on for Firefox, click here. If you want to download the add-on for Chrome, click here.

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