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Everybody working with a computer is (or should be) concerned about privacy and data theft and the most appropriate ways to lock his machine from other users. These urges are more compelling for those users who have to share the place where they work with other people. This is why is extremely important to turn off the computer when you leave your desktop or protect it with a password difficult to guess. Another way to protect your machine is to lock it using a simple USB drive which can be used in the same way you use your key to turn on your car!

Predator is a free software able to lock your computer using your USB dongle. As stated in the website, the way it works is rather simple. Insert your USB drive, run Predator and start working. Every time you need to leave your desktop, simply remove the USB drive. This will disable the keyboard and mouse,while the screen will go black. Here is a list of its most important features:

  • Record everything happening while you are away. Track every attempt to unlock your computer to a log
  • Replicate this log on your Twitter account.
  • Predator also disable the Windows task manager when you unplug the USB drive. This means that nobody can stop it with Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  • Protect a lot of PC with the same USB drive!
  • Predator can sound an audible alarm if somebody enters an invalid password.

If you want to know more, click this FAQ section. If you want to download the software, visit the official website.

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2 Comments to “How to Protect and Lock your Computer With Your USB Drive”

  1. Jacoby Says:

    That’s way more clever than I was epxetcnig. Thanks!

  2. tblount Says:

    Just press winkey + L

    it’s much easier.. same results

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