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As you know, Windows 7 is the best Microsoft operating system ever. It comes with tons of features and options. However, you can even further improve its great contents, tools and features thanks to a nice, free utility which adds interesting extras to your desktop corners and mouse cursor.

Preme for Windows 7 is a free application which lets you add interesting features to your Windows 7. Here is a list of what it is able to do:

  • View all minimized windows in 3D style by placing your mouse cursor on the top left side of your desktop.
  • Hold mouse button on the title bar area of window to keep your window on top of other windows.
  • Hover mouse cursor on the title bar are and then click the wheel to close the window.
  • Press ESC button twice to close the active items
  • Move cursor to Start button area to open Start menu automatically.
  • ect.

If you want to know more or if you want to download this application, visit the official website.

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One Comment to “How to Enhance Windows 7 Features”

  1. Bionic Says:

    made with autohotkey, i´ve monitored execution and it´s green & clean

    funky, took me a little while before i got a grip of it,
    slightly buggy where a window could get stuck on the side

    thanks for bringing it´s attention, i´ve bookmarked the page

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