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Have you ever wished to visit a website and get a complete view of everything going on in the Internet? Have you ever wished to visit a website and get a reply to whatever tech question passing through your mind? If so, I have got the right website for you: Shell Extension City. With this great website you won’t need to browse the Internet anymore, because everything you need, and much more, is right there.

Shell Extension City is one of those website which makes you forget about the whole Internet. In fact, everything you need is right among its pages, ready to be read and used! The website collects and select all the most important news and headlines coming from more than 300 websites and blogs in the Internet.  Eager to know the latest news about that upcoming device? Need a free Windows tool, a freeware utility or a couple of tweaks for your computer? Shell Extension City has got the right answer!

Among its most important sections I would like to mention Internet Utilities and Security Tools able to provide you with the latest, free applications to enhance your Internet Experience and protect your most important files and devices!

Shell Extension City is a must-website to  bookmark in your browser and use for your daily dose of tech-news!

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One Comment to “Shell Extension City. The Ultimate Website for Internet and Computer Geeks!”

  1. Bionic Says:

    thanks, what a great resource this is
    had my first visit there and having lots of fun
    piles of topics for anyone & everyone, dark but exellent!

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