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chromeGoogle has recently released the latest version of its great and fast browser, Google Chrome 4.0. Among its improvements we can find the long-awaited extensions which let you customize your Chrome in hundreds of different ways (more than 1,500  extensions available!) and the Bookmark Sync feature which allows you to keep your bookmarks synchronized on different computers, using your Google Account.

Here is the full Google Chrome 4.0 changelog:

  • Extensions
  • Bookmark sync
  • Enhanced developer tools
  • HTML5: Notifications, Web Database, Local Storage, WebSockets, Ruby support
  • v8 performance improvements
  • Skia performance improvements
  • Full ACID3 pass, due to re-enabled remote font support (with added defense against bugs in operating system font libraries)
  • HTTP byte range support
  • New security feature: “Strict Transport Security” support
  • Experimental new anti-reflected-XSS feature called “XSS Auditor”
  • Security fixes for better performance and enhanced security.

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3 Comments to “Download Google Chrome 4.0 Now!”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    The last version was unstable at a few web sites. Guess I’ll try it again.

  2. joeyjuviyani Says:

    A superb guide called “5 reasons to switch to Chrome 4.0”, that provides the entire information related to this particular topic is available at: http://forums.techarena.in/guides-tutorials/1296733.htm

  3. Maseratij Says:

    I am wondering what my course of action is if I jumped the gun and downloaded the developers version last month. Psst I am not a developer, but could not wait for the extension support. Should I just stay with the 4.0 dev version or download the stable version? Would I need to uninstall / reinstall?

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