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Oh Dear! So, this morning, like every Sunday,  I woke up and went to turn on my HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop and…nothing! Nothing happened! No boot screen, no familiar Windows sounds, not even the blue power light was on. Nothing! Right now I am writing with my “emergency computer”. A tiny Asus Eee NetPC I use when I travel.

After Googling for a little while, I have found out that some HP laptop series are extremely buggy. Bad welding, defective hardware, faulty motherboard etc. Of course, my laptop series was included in the list of the crappy series and of course it is also out of warranty!  But in what way all this is going to damage you (my reader)  and Web Talk? Here is a brief list:

  • I won’t be able to update the blog for a few days. In fact I will have to bring the laptop to the repair center and I do not know how long they are going to keep it.
  • As a result, I will only be able to reply comments and make the blog and server ordinary maintenance.
  • Some contests are in jeopardy. For example, the 5  licenses (the software house gave me 5 pieces of software which have the licenses embedded) for the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Professional are in the laptop. Of course, I hope that the issue won’t be so serious. In other words I hope not to loose the whole hard disk!

In the meantime, Web Talk will continue to post comments on its own. In fact in the past days I managed to schedule around 15 posts.

By the way, any idea of what happened to my laptop? Is HP so bad a brand? How much am I going to spend? (in euros and usd)?

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8 Comments to “Computer Failure!”

  1. Web Talk Says:

    Hey guys,
    still no news from the repair center. It is going to take longer than I thought.

    Please, be patient.

    I have a couple of promotions to publish. Maybe I will be able to post one of it right tomorrow, so stay tuned!

    Lately a lot of software companies are contacting me to offer their software for free.

    I am a little disappointed. I thought that to get my laptop back in a few days but I guss I will see it next week. I am craving for writing news!

  2. tblount Says:

    Laptops are bad about dying. I have a Compaq Pissaro that did the same thing just 14 months after I bought it. Compaq wanted $400 to repair it.

    The hard drive was easy to take out and plug into my desktop external sata slot and access the data, so only the laptop was lost.

    I put most of my documents on a website so I can ftp them or directly access them because I know the link… or attach them to an email and send them to gmail or yahoo. Then they are backed up several times and availbable from any computer that has internet access.

    I also keep my hard drive cloned. It only takes 15 mins with Acronis True Image and should something happen it takes less than 90 seconds to go to the bios and change the boot priority and be up running again where I left off. There is a free version that works with WD and Seagate drives on their websites.

  3. Web Talk Says:

    hi a simple happy man!
    so this is an update for you guys. I just took my laptop to the repair center. They will say what’s wrong with it in a couple of days.

    They said that is either the motherboard or the hard disk.

    If you ask me I would say that it is the first option. During these past days I have read a lot of forums and the HP model I have, has got a faulty motherboard….let’s see what happen!

    To tell you the truth I would like it to be completely broken…that would be a good excuse to buy a new one!!! 😉

    But again…my wife doesn’t seem to be very happy about my decision to buy a new one….

    Women…women…women…when will they try to understand what’s inside a geek’s heart?

  4. a simple happy man Says:

    I’m an ex Brit army Electronics Tech and (Not wishing to teach Grandma how to suck eggs), you say there is no power light so maybe it’s something simple like a fuse!

    Have you checked all the relevant power supply fuses in the laptop, the plug (cos I’m presuming at home you’d use it on mains power) and the supply breaker to the power socket.

    Even the best of techs can forget this sometimes, I know I have on occasion, but then I’m not the best of techs and probably never was anywhere near being one either!

    Good Luck and I’m sure anyone who likes your blog, like me, has the patience and understanding to let you get things sorted out and back up to speed in your own time

    All the best

  5. Web Talk Says:

    Thank you guys for your comments. In a couple of days I will let you know what happened to my laptop. After my readings I think it has something to do with the motherboard.

    Darn HP which, to lower its expenses, doesn’t produce its own motherboards (like Asus does), but buy them somewhere else.

  6. leofelix Says:

    mm I do not know what happened to your HP, I also own an HP.. HP has a very bad support and I got some problems with MoBo and Battery last year.
    Now I’ve bought an Asus Laptotp with Windows 7… and I feel happy:-)

  7. techandlife Says:

    Presume it won’t boot from battery or mains. I’m not an expert but would suspect motherboard or a power supply problem (power jack?). Lucky you have a spare machine.
    I’ve always considered buying a spare power supply unit for my desktop PC but haven’t done it yet. One day I’m going to have the same problem as yourself and it would be nice just to be able to install it and get going again – assuming that was what was at fault. At lease I could eliminate the power supply as the problem if it still didn’t boot.
    Let us know how you get on and what the problem was.
    .-= techandlife´s last blog ..xplorer2 – a powerful file manager to replace Windows Explorer =-.

  8. Bionic Says:

    doesn´t seem like a harddrive failiure, must suck loosing precious.
    dont worrie about any prices, i´m convinced everyone understands.
    on easeus behalf this could turn out to be the best promotion ever

    “getting your data back”

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