How to Calculate Car Fuel Economy in Windows 7

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windows 7If you need to calculate the fuel economy of your car based on the used fuel or the distance, you do not have to buy expensive software nor visit  any websites. Windows 7 calculator has embedded an interesting feature which allows you calculate everything you need to start your car trip with absolute safety!

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click All Programs.
  3. Click Accessories.
  4. Click Calculator.
  5. On the Calculator window, click View and Worksheets.
  6. Now click Fuel economy (mpg) or Fuel economy (L/100 km), depending if you are using miles or liters.
  7. At this point a worksheet should appear on the right of the calculator (right pane).
  8. From the drop down menu, you can select: Distance, Fuel economy, Fuel used.
  9. Enter your values to calculate your car fuel economy.

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