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adblockOne of the most useless feature in Facebook is the chat or Instant Messanger. Actually, a lot of users do not like it because Facebook is just a social networking website and people simply communicate with each other with messages. Here is a simple hack which will let you turn the chat off for good.

  1. To achieve this result, you will need to download and use Firefox Internet browser.
  2. Now, install  the AdBlock Plus addon.
  3. Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.
  4. Login your Facebook account.
  5. On the upper right side of your Firefox, click the ABP icon and click Preferences.
  6. Click the Folder option located on the upper left side of the window.
  7. In the New Folder blank field, paste this code: facebook.com#div(id*=presence)
  8. Click OK.
  9. Done, the Chat box and the toolbar have disappeared forever from Facebook!

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11 Comments to “How to Remove and Turn Off the Chat Features from Facebook”

  1. WebTalk Says:

    Thanks for your detailed instruction on how you managed to solve your issue!

  2. happenstance Says:

    Re: Chat came back. (last comment)
    I played around with this and what I came up with is this solution. Feel free to check it out and refine it if necessary (and post your results):

    Create a new group called ‘Facebook filters’ in Adblock Plus, and add these filters:
    1) Click on the Adblock Plus ‘Stop sign’ and choose ‘Filter preferences…’
    2) Click Add Filter Group and call it ‘Facebook Filters’
    3) Look in your existing adblocking rules, and remove (delete) the filter for:
    as it doesn’t work anymore
    4) Drag any other facebook* related filters over to the new group
    5) I had to add the following (adjust as necessary for your own set-up)

    was pulled over, probably an ad filter (I didn’t add it)

    The last three added filters (||facebook.com…) were necessary to have all three, in order to get the chat to stop. You can play with it by unchecking the filters then, while keeping the Adblock Plus rules box open, go back to the Firefox browser and click the Reload button to reload the page. If the chat appears/disappears, you know you have the right combination of filters to block it.

    It may be other script-related activities are blocked now. The page seems to load alright. Like the other users, we use Skype with Facebook, so there’s no reason to have an annoying webchat feature.

  3. mark Says:

    hi, the idea to get rid of this damn FB chat was great, but since about a month it came back on all our systems. Somebody has an idea why? Tnx!

  4. Terry Says:

    This worked great! Now how do you get the newest facebook crap off your screen. I mean the people you may know box on the sidebar. Can it be done using the ad blocker also?

  5. tennis lover Says:

    Thank you. I’m not computer savvy but was able to figure it out.

  6. heritz Says:

    thank u very much!this works perfectly

  7. Steve H Says:

    I think you used the word “folder” where you meant “filter,” but as there’s no ‘folder’ window I was able to figure it out — more or less. Works like a charm. Thanks so much!

  8. IGnatius T Foobar Says:

    Thanks for an easy and effective fix. This has gone into the browser on every computer I own or operate.

    Although I occasionally use Facebook Chat, I have it connected to my regular instant messenger program, so I really don’t need it popping up in the browser as well. Disabling chat in the site unfortunately turns it off in both places. Adblocking the box gets the job done.

  9. spahgetti Says:

    finally found a solution for this thanks a bunch

  10. J Kandler Says:

    If I turn off the chat feature and someone tries to contact me via chat, what will they see?

  11. Teri Greene Says:

    I have AdBlock Plus 1.1.3, and it makes no mention of Folder and New Folder.

    It does have Filter and Add Filter, and they worked with your method.

    Thanks for the very helpful method.

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