Prevent Internet Explorer Shortcut from Overwriting an Open Website

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internet explorerA Web Talk’s reader, Terry Blount, submitted a couple of days ago an interesting trick for those people using Internet Explorer. Here is his brief email on how to prevent a desktop shortcut to a website from overwriting an open website in Internet Explorer. If you have some good trick and tip, you can submit it to Web Talk here. I will publish them!

Here is a tip I am loving:

If you have desktop shortcuts to a web page and you have IE open, when you click on the shortcut it will OVERWRITE the web page you have opened. To set Internet Explorer  to open a NEW instance of IE in a NEW window do this:

  1. Open Internet Options from Control Panel or from the Tools menu inside IE.
  2. Click on the Advanced tab.
  3. Look under Browsing.
  4. Uncheck the setting  to reuse the window or tab, or open a new window.

Note: You have to turn off tabs feature.

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