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The Internet is full of traps, above all for our beloved children and kids. Pornography and adult contents are always behind the corner, ready to display their load of inappropriate images, videos and text to our  children once they click a normal, seeming harmless link. Luckily, Google has got a very powerful tool ( kind of parental control named SafeSearch) which is able to block and stop all this junk in a couple of clicks without messing around  your Google Chrome and Internet Explorer settings!

  1. Go to Google.com.
  2. Click Search Settings, located on the upper right-side of your browser window.
  3. At this point you will face some Google options. Look for SafeSearch Filtering which should be the third options.
  4. Among the different options you can choose: Use strict filtering (Filter both explicit text and explicit images), Use moderate filtering (Filter explicit images only – default behavior) and Do not filter my search results.
  5. A fourth option called Lock SafeSearch is available. Click it.
  6. You will be redirected to another Google page where you will have to type your Google username and password.
  7. Once you have signed in, simple click the Lock SafeSearch button (Locking SafeSearch sets SafeSearch to use strict filtering and restricts the ability of users to change this preference. Strict filtering filters both explicit text and explicit images from your search results.)

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2 Comments to “How to Stop and Block Adult Content in Google (Safe Search for Children)”

  1. block adult content Says:

    [...] means that you wont have to worry about your childrens web usage since the SafeSearch would disableHow to Stop and Block Adult Content in Google (Safe Search …The Internet is full of traps, above all for our beloved children and kids. Pornography and adult [...]

  2. renz Says:

    but if you directly type the site in address bar it will still load the page that you want to block..safe search applies only if you use the search box of the google

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