How to Increase and Extend the Battery Life of your Laptop

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aerofoilIf you have a laptop you know pretty well how important to have a long lasting battery is. Sadly, Windows 7 (and Vista) with all their eye-candy features such as the well-known Aero theme etc. don’t help to keep and preserve  the power of your battery to high level in order to devote it to other and more useful purposes. Let’s see how to increase and extend your battery life thanks to a free, small utility!

Aerofoil is a small utility which helps you save your battery power by disabling the power-thirsty Aero theme and turning on the Power Plan in your computer. Here is a list of its features:

  • Manual Sound muting.
  • Choose the Power Plan you like to save more power in your laptop.
  • Manage Windows Sidebar.
  • Display a handy Hibernate button to easily access this feature.
  • Requires little memory to run (that’s because it doesn’t use Microsoft .net Framework to work)  and little space for installation.

Download Aerofoil

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