How to Open Adobe Reader Quickly

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Adobe Reader is the best choice for every user in order to open any PDF file. However, older computers may experience a bothering slowness while trying to open PDF documents with it. This is due to the fact that Adobe Reader has to load a lot of stuff and plugins before opening the file you want to read. Here is a simple tricks to make it load faster.

  1. Before Proceeding, make sure to close Adobe Reader. In fact, if it is open you won’t be able to perform the below operations.
  2. Open the installation folder where Adobe Reader is located. Usually, this is the right path: C:\program files\ adobe\acrobat\ reader\
  3. Now, open the Plugin folder and move all its content to the Optional folder.
  4. Try to open Adobe. It should load faster and should also be more responsive!
  5. Done!

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