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This is not the first time I talk of ways to recover and retrieve missing or lost Windows  product keys. This article covers and solve a situation a lot of users may incur while using/installing/reinstalling the new Windows 7 operating systems. It may happen, for a lot of different, unimaginable reasons, that you lose or forget your Windows 7 key. Here is a simple, free solution for you.

Windows 7 Key Finder is a freeware application which, as you may guess, is able to find a lost Windows 7 key. Mind you, such a key must be already in your operating system, otherwise this tool won’t work (of course…). Windows 7 Key finder is also able to show the product key of Windows Vista and Windows XP. Other features include:

  • The tool is completely written in C#.
  • Windows Key Finder fetches the binary encoded (REG_BINARY) product key from the Windows Registry and decodes it.
  • It also shows you the day you installed the OS, total RAM, OS build number, owner name etc.

If you want to know more, click here. If you want to download the application, click here.

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