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The new Aero Theme in Windows 7 is, without any doubt, quite amazing with its glassy effects and its transparent reflections. However, not everything is transparent and translucent. That’s the case of the right-click context menu! Here is a simple, free application which can solve this petty issue!

Transparent Context Menus is a simple application which works on WinXP, Vista, Server 2008 & 7 that gives your boring right-click menu a nice transparent effect. Reading from the solo-dev.deviantart website: “It sits in your taskbar tray, a click will bring up the options, clicking the “X” will close out the program. Unlike how the TransTaskbar is a run once app, this has to stay resident.”

If you want to know more or you want to download it, click here.

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One Comment to “How to Make Windows 7 Right-Click Menu Transparent”

  1. Grr Says:

    i liked that it is supported on XP also..but reading that it is resident type, i dropped the idea to install it.

    Btw..it is a good fine and share. Thanks..


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