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One of the most favorite pastime for  a lot of Internet users is watching YouTube videos. But if you don’t have a fast Internet connection, this pastime can turn to a nightmare where the video you are watching stops every 10 seconds (or less) in order to download the video data. So, let’s see how to watch YouTube videos without interruptions by making the buffer faster!

SpeedBit Video Accellerator is a simple, free tool which “works automatically with your web browser to let you watch web videos smoothly without frustrating pauses and interruptions.” Here is a list of its key-features:

  • Tweet your favorite videos as you watch them.
  • Install-and-forget procedure.
  • Enjoy videos without interruptions!
  • Faster video streaming and smoother playback for videos with bit rates up to 200 KBps.
  • Compatible with all browsers.
  • Works not only YouTube but with all major video sites!

If you want to know more or you just wish to download it, visit this website.

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    great program wich i also can recommend,
    why not ask them to run a promo on your blog

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