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windows xp mode

Microsoft has recently announced an update for its great  Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 . As you know, by default, the virtualization  tool in order to run on your computer needs a special hardware such as Intel VT (Intel Virtualization Technology) or AMD-V, if available. With this update, every computer running Windows 7 will now be able to run Windows XP Mode and take advantage of the great number of old software available for one of the most longeval Microsoft operating system ever (without any additional hardware!).

Reading from Microsoft website: “We’re announcing an update to Windows XP Mode today that will make it a more accessible to PCs in small and midsize businesses who want to migrate to Windows 7 Professional but have applications that still require Windows XP. Windows XP Mode will no longer require hardware virtualization technology to run. This change makes it extremely easy for businesses to use Windows XP Mode to address any application incompatibility roadblocks they might have in migrating to Windows 7. Windows XP Mode will of course continue to use hardware virtualization technology such as Intel VT (Intel Virtualization Technology) or AMD-V if available.”

If you want to know more visit the official Windows XP mode website.

If you are already using Windows XP Mode in Win 7, download below update

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2 Comments to “How to Run Windows XP Mode without Hardware Virtualization Technology in Windows 7”

  1. mohsen Says:

    thanks for the info,it helped me very much.

  2. Mathiew Says:

    Hi, good news to hear!
    In my own oppinion, MS should have been takeing care of this issue before they released Windows 7 out on the market there not all older pc’s having support for running the new OS.

    Myself have one 32bit pc which can’t use anything newer installed than XP because of the Nvidia graphic card Geforce 6200.
    There is also one notebook which came with Windows Vista 32bit and there the ghaphic card not work backward for running XP.

    In both of these cases it’s been the only solution to use virtual machines even if none of this cpu’s have support for virtualization through the hardware, it has been working anyway with very good results there all graphical problems on screen just disappeared away.

    Will recommend:

    -VMware workstation 7.

    -VMware player 3. (Been useing this one with XP Mode at Windows 7).

    -VirtualBox. (Some reviews tells this one don’t require hardware virtualization).

    The two latter are also free to download

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