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By default, Windows operating systems load a certain number of applications at startup, without you being able to disable them easily and  indipendently from the fact that they are useful or not to you. Useless to say, because of this, your machine will have to dedicate a lot of its resources to run them all. If you want to decide what to run on your machine, if your computer is not so powerful and you even need  the smallest drop of your processor’s resources, I have got a nice, free program for you!

Disable Startup is a simple tool which manages and monitors programs. It  scans all Windows Startups on your computer,  supervises all new startup items, helps you control, manage and optimize Windows Startup configuration. This software can help you save system memory and resources by disabling unnecessary programs.

If you want to know more or if simple want to download it right away, click here.

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3 Comments to “How to Disable Programs at Startup Efficently”

  1. leofelix Says:

    Extacrly what I was looking for.
    Thank you:)
    It does its job great

  2. Mathiew Says:

    Usually many of this smaller lightweight tweakers work directly inside the registry in Windows as it might be wise make one restore point before implement any changes. Just in case it’d be desirable to get one or more specific startup entrances back again on the record.

  3. ha14 Says:

    Does it take system snapshots!!

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