How to Limit the Time your Kids Spend in Front of the Computer

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If you are a parent and you have got kids, you know only too well how dangerous and insidious the Internet is. That’s why is always advisable to stay with your children when they are in front of the computer. You may want to read these articles on how to filter websites and block bad sites, restrict and forbid programs, how to spy Internet activity and how to make your children surf safely. However, since precautions are never enough, I have got another free program which will allow you to limit the time your children stay in front of the computer by logging it off/shutting it down  after a certain time you decide.

Romaco Timeout is a time restriction software which locks off /shuts down your computer after a certain time. After that, if your children will try to turn the machine on, they will have to type an administrator password. Alternatively, they will have to wait the next day (smart…huh?).  Romaco Timeout is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

If you want to know more or you want to download it, click here.

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