Google Closes Google.cn and Stops Internet Censorship in China

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After the cyber attacks against Google and more than twenty other U.S. companies which happened a couple of months ago (1/12/2010,) on the 22nd of March 2010, Google  has affirmed to have officially left China and stop Internet censorship in the country. All traffic going to Google.cn is now redirected  to Google.com.hk, where all  results are offered uncensored and in simplified Chinese.

In January 2010 dozens of Gmails accounts  of human rights activists connected with China were being routinely accessed by unknown hackers. The cyber attacks were performed thanks to malware and spyware installed “ad hoc” on their computers with the primary intent of stealing private information. As a consequence, right a couple of days ago, Google on its official blog, stated:

So earlier today we stopped censoring our search services—Google Search, Google News, and Google Images—on Google.cn. Users visiting Google.cn are now being redirected to Google.com.hk, where we are offering uncensored search in simplified Chinese, specifically designed for users in mainland China and delivered via our servers in Hong Kong. Users in Hong Kong will continue to receive their existing uncensored, traditional Chinese service, also from Google.com.hk. Due to the increased load on our Hong Kong servers and the complicated nature of these changes, users may see some slowdown in service or find some products temporarily inaccessible as we switch everything over.

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