How to Clear Google History

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Lately, Internet privacy has become an important issue for a lot of surfers. Especially for those ones who want to stay anonymous during and after a Google Search. Web Talk has covered this issue widely with a lot of articles in the past, but maybe it is better to resume the best ways to clear and delete your Google history with a full, comprehensive tutorial which will teach you how to erase and hide your footprints from your computer and Internet!

When it comes to your privacy you have to know that Google, its toolbar and your browser are the worst enemy ever! In fact, Google especially, has got a lot of features which by default save and store your Internet surfing and habits in special places such as  itscache and a special place called Google history. What follows are some useful tutorials to make your surfing more secure and more anonymous!

  1. Go to http://www.google.com/history/
  2. Login your Google account.
  3. On the left sidebar, click Remove Items. Now, on the upper toolbar, click the All link. All items in the list will be checked. Again from the toolbar, click the Clear Entire Web History link. This will delete your Internet history.
  4. Confirm this action by clicking the Clear History button.
  5. Done!

If you have downloaded and installed the Google toolbar on your browser, let’s clear its Search History cache with this simple procedure:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow on the Toolbar search box, and select Clear History.
  2. Now, if you don’t want the Google Toolbar to save and store your Internet search anymore, click the Toolbar’s wrench icon.
  3. On the Search tab, de-select “Store search history on my computer.”
  4. Click Save.
  5. Done!

If you have got Firefox web browser and you use it on a daily basis, you should know its famous Google Search suggestion field, located on its right side. This little tool lets you search Google without going to Google main page. It also suggests what you are looking for by showing your previous searches and the keywords which match what you are typing.  Unfortunately, this feature saves your searches so that anybody else using it will be able to see what and where you have surfed to. To turn  off such a feature, read this article of mine on how to turn off Google Search suggestion from Firefox.

If you surf the Internet with one of the most used Internet Browsers, namely Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome you should be aware that each of them have got special caches which save whatever you do on the Internet (from surfing to filling forms out). To delete and clear everything read this article on how to clear previous Google Searches.

For more info, read this useful Google tutorial on how to delete search and history from Internet Browsers.

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