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Well, at last Google has come out with a nice “image visualizator”! In fact, Google has recently released an interesting webpage named “Google Reader Play” which basically lets you read popular articles by using an interesting interface for browsing web pages and visualizing  images and pictures in a  new way. All this while having a lot of  fun!

Google Reader Play shows you items, articles and, above all, images and pictures one-at-the-time, in full screen. No settings, no options, no elaborate interface. Just hit the arrow button to look at different articles and images! Reading from googlereader.blogspot.com:

“I’m happy to announce an experimental product from the Google Reader team that makes the best stuff in Reader more accessible for everyone, while giving Reader users a new way to view their feeds. It’s called Google Reader Play, and it’s a new way to browse interesting stuff on the web that’s easy to use and personalized to the things you like. Best of all, there’s no set-up required!”

A nice feature in this new online service is its “learning mode” which shows you what you like to see and read!  In fact, a handy ” I like it” button lets you select what you like from what you don’t. Google Reader Play will learn from your “hits” thus showing the stuff you really want to see.

For more infor, click  here.

Go to Google Reader Play Now!

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One Comment to “Google Reader Play. A Nice Way to Look at Pictures!”

  1. DDK Says:

    Good idea in concept, but somewhat buggy, probably still in development stage.

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