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xpWhile trying to install Microsoft Security Essential also known as MSE on your Windows operating system, you might get a a validation error for different issues. The most known one is: your Windows is not an original copy (read pirated or bootleg copy). However, sometimes your copy is original indeed and it is the system which truly failed the genuine validation! For those of you guys who have got an original Windows copy but, for some unknown reasons, Microsoft Security Essential has stopped working and triggers in your system  a validate error,  here is a simple procedure to solve this issue!

  1. Turn on your computer and log in with an administrator account in order to get all the necessary permissions.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click My Computer.
  4. Click Tool on the upper toolbar.
  5. Click Folder Options.
  6. Now, click the View tab and from the list of options available, tick Show hidden files and folders.
  7. From the same list, untick Hide extensions for known file types.
  8. Click OK to confirm.
  9. Now open Windows Explorer and locate  the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Application Data\ Windows Genuine Advantage\ data
  10. Right click the data.dat file and click Propierties and right after that click  the security tab.
  11. Click Advanced.
  12. Under the Name tab, check if the Everyone option is listed.
  13. If it is listed, click the Exit button, and tick the Full Control option. If the option is not available, click the Add button, type Everyone and press Enter. Choose Full Control in the pop-up window, and click OK to confirm.

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15 Comments to “How to Fix Microsoft Security Essential Genuine Validation Error”

  1. biren patel Says:

    I tried to install microsoft security essetial as per your trick but it not work and asking to resolve now….

  2. henke Says:

    I cant find the file:S

  3. Luka Says:

    On windows 7 u need to delete one file. Problem is that i can not remember which one…. Done it once.

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