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firefoxOK guys, this is really a cool trick! Has it ever happened to you to close a tab (containing an website, of course) in Firefox or Internet Explorer by mistake? I have to confess to you that this has happened to me one hundred of  times, at least! So here is a really quick, cool trick which will restore such tabs and its content in one second!

  1. Open Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  2. Open a couple of tabs with a website.
  3. Now close whatever tab you want. Here, we are just pretending that you closed a tab by mistake.
  4. At this point, simply press CTRL+SHIFT+ T button.
  5. Done! the closed tab with its content will reappear in your Internet browser.

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2 Comments to “How to Restore Closed Tabs in Firefox and Internet Explorer”

  1. exinco Says:

    is this still work? i try new ff and doesn’t work

  2. Krishan Kumar Singh Says:

    very good

    Thanks Man

    Krishan Kumar Singh

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