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facebook emoticons for Chrome

If you use Facebook a lot, here is a little trick which will make you extremely happy! Have you ever wondered how other Facebook users manage to insert and add Emoticons or Smileys while using Facebook chat? Here is a little trick for you but remember, it only works on Google Chrome browser!

This nice add-on for Google Chrome automatically adds emoticons to your plain and boring Facebook chat so that next time you won’t have to remember the sign to reproduce a certain kind of smiley.

Download Facebook Chat Emoticons.

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4 Comments to “How to Use Emoticons (Smileys) in Facebook Chat on Google Chrome”

  1. caren Says:

    This is very nice emoticons,I love it ,and i appreciate it,it is so nice .And now im downloading it coz its free.

  2. Roshini Says:

    pls demonstrate to use emoticons while chatting on face book

  3. sittie Says:

    yes tricias right i agree to her we dont know how to use emoticons really so please demonstrate!

  4. Trisha Says:

    Please demonstrate the FaceBook symbols like the peace sign. =)

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