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lockIf you use Google Chrome as your default browser you might wish to lock it or password protect it so that other people using the computer the browser is installed in won’t be able to surf the Internet or open Chrome to nose around your stuff, your bookmarks etc. Here is a nice add-on which will solve your issue.

Chrome Lock is a free, tiny Google Chrome add-on which lock your chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+L .  Other users won’t be able to gain access to Chrome even if they will turn off and back on the browser or they will try to open a new tab. Google Chrome will be simply locked off unless they know the right password!

Download Chrome Lock

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7 Comments to “How to Lock and Password Protect Google Chrome”

  1. Rajasekhar Valli Says:

    Thank you for the post…!!

  2. Zoye Says:

    There is free encryption program – Rohos Mini Drive that will help you to password protect access to Google Chrome profile – http://www.rohos.com/2010/12/encrypt-google-chrome-data-with-rohos-diskusb-flash-drive-encryption-software/#more-3626

  3. xesh Says:

    thanks dear, i was also looking for it, in mean time i found a software named DiscoLock which password protect many important applications

    download from here.


  4. Sasha Says:

    what’s the use if one can simply go to extensions>>options, and see your password??? Security-wise, chrome just ain’t cutting it for me. One other thing, chrome lock doesn’t seem to work with gmail.

  5. Samarth Says:

    I searched on google for this, and its so good that you posted the method here.
    Thank you.

  6. Donner Says:

    That’s very important! I was looking for this kind of add-on for a long long time and finally I found it here!! Thank u so much dude!

  7. James Says:

    Nice tip. Tnx.

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