How to Open a Blank Page (Tab) in Google Chrome

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empty tabI am pretty sure this is one of those puzzles which have been giving a lot of headaches to a lot of users for quite some time. It looks like there is no obvious way to open a new, empty, blank tab in Google Chrome. This little  feature, which by the way is well hidden in Google Chrome, is very useful to users who wish to have some privacy. In fact, by default, a new opened tab shows the latest visited blogs and websites as well as  history details. This, for obvious reasons, could be a little embarrassing!

Empty New Web Page is a cool extension for your Google Chrome which lets you open a new page without any information on it. No visited blog, no latest visited websites. Nothing at all! If you want to know more about this little add-on, click here.

If instead you belong to the old school and wish to do everything manually, without being bothered by annoying extensions which  slow your browser down, simply type about:blank in Google Chrome web address bar, hit Enter to get a blank page right away!

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