How to Separate and Combine PDF Files Online

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There are a lot of online tools to play with your PDF files on the Web. However, the one I am going to write about is quite unique. It lets you  merge different PDF Files or split one PDF into different documents in a couple of different steps! So, stop buying expensive applications to edit your important PDF files because from now on, all you will have to do is  upload your files, press a button and wait for the results. Best ofll a, it’s completely free!

ilovepdf.com is a simple, bare-bone website without shiny buttons and all the eye-candy stuff we are accustomed to inother website. Nonetheless it does what it says. ilovepdf.com lets you separate an combine your PDF files in a matter of seconds! Here is a list of its most important features:

  • PDF files up to version 1.7.
  • PDF files with named objects, internal links and annotations.
  • PDF documents with forms.
  • Password protected PDF files (requires password).
  • Compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • To Run on your computer, ilovepdf needs:  Flash Player 9 or higher and Javascript

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