How to Split Files Using WinRAR

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winrarDuring these last years WinRAR has increasingly become the leader  file compression utility able to decompress, encrypt and pack whatever file format you want. However, WinRAR is not just a tool to compress and thus save a lot of space on your PC. In fact, it is also able to split files. This is especially useful for those files which are very big and need to be divided into smaller files in order to be handled in a more efficient way!

Did you know that WinRAR is able to split rather large files? In fact, If you compress your file(s), you can enter the volume size in the “Split to volumes” field in the “archive name and parameters dialog: general options” to create different volumes (multi part archives). Among the different options you can take advantage of in the WinRAR main window, you can also select the volume size or just hit the “Autodetect” option which  will choose the volume size automatically for each new volume. (For multiple CD’s you can enter for example “700m”  for 700MB CD’s).

This “split function” as you see, is very useful because thanks to it you can burn your big files to your CDs (and not just DVDs) , or you can carry them in your old USB flash drives (which don’t have a lot of capacity) and you can even store the same file in different devices, drives and computers to make it more difficult to spot or recognize!

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