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Google is a great search engine. Thanks to its home page you can find whatever you want on the Internet. Information, news, videos, files, music etc. Everything is within a click-grasp with Google. However, its home page is a little bare-bone, blank and without…fantasy! Wouldn’t you like Google to display a nice World clock, right under its logo? If you want to add some  useful information on Google webpage, continue reading and find out how to customize the most famous Internet search service in the world!

Google Greater is a nice, free extension for Google Chrome Internet browser. Basically, it allows you to add  a message under the Google image with the date and the current holiday.  Here are the simple steps to follow to achieve this result:

  1. Download and Install Google Chrome.
  2. Open Google Chrome and go to this Extension webpage.
  3. Now click the Install button to install the Google Great extension on Chrome.
  4. Go to Google home page and set the time, the date in the formt you like!

Google Greeter is a free application which as I told you let you display a world cock in Google with whatever time you wish. If for any reason you don’t like it and wish to remove it, copy this address and paste it on Google Chrome web address field: chrome://extensions .Look for the extension and click the uninstall button!

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One Comment to “How to Display a World Clock in Google HomePage”

  1. ha14 Says:

    this is handy just to stay focused

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