How to Turn Off and Disable Google Search Suggestions from Firefox

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firefoxIf you have and use Firefox browser you should be familiar with the term Google Search suggestions. By default, Firefox has got a handy Google Search bar which, once you start typing on it, will suggest you the term you are looking for. The worst part of this is that it  will also suggest they “old” keywords you typed previously and this could create some embarrassment! Let’s see how to turn off this feature and avoid other people from knowing your business on the Internet.

  1. Click Google Settings Page.
  2. Go to the end of the page and, under Query Suggestions, click and press Enter.
  3. By performing such action, Google will place a special cookie in your browser to remember that you don’t want the search suggestions anymore. The  issue with this is that once you clear your Internet cache  from Firefox, this cookie will be deleted.
  4. To prevent this click Tool in Firefox.
  5. Click Option and Privacy tab.
  6. Click Exceptions.
  7. In the special filed add this line: http://*.google.*/complete/search?* and click Allow.
  8. Let’s turn off the Google search widget from Firefox.
  9. On the Address bar, type about: config and accept that warning message.
  10. On the Filer filed, type browser.search.suggest.enabled
  11. Double click  do disable it.
  12. Restart the browser for the change to take effect!

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