New Google Gmail Drag and Drop Attachments Feature

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gmailGoogle has recently implemented a nice feature which will let you save a lot of time while using your Gmail. In fact, now you can simply drag and drop whatever file you wish in the Gmail window to attach it to your email in a couple of seconds! But let’s see how this incredible feature works!

Till some days ago, if you wanted to attach any file to your emails in Google Gmail you had to spend quite a lot of time. The procedure consisted of clicking the “Attach a File” link, select the file you wanted to use as attachment and upload it by clicking a button. Now, if you want to attach any file you won’t have to go through all this. All you will have to do is drag and drop any file of your choice and …that’s it! The uploading will start right away without doing anything on your side. Easy, huh?

So far this kind of “shortcut” is only available  in Chrome and Firefox but, as stated in the Gmail blog, it will  be implemented in other browsers…soon!

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