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I have already written about this topic. You may want to read these articles on Mint email and how to send, encrypted, secret emails. Temporary email addresses seem to be very requested today above all with the increasing of Internet services which require you to sing-up with your name, surname, your email etc. So, here is another interesting email service which, differently from others,  also offers you a real, disposable email account to send and receive your email!

10minutemail.com is an interesting service which allows you to send and receive emails. To let you read an email, the service will show you a special web page  accessible to you only. The email account, as the name suggests, will expire after 10 minutes, but you also have the opportunity to extend the service to 10  minutes more. Simply click on “I need more time! Give me 10 more minutes!”

If you want to use the service, click here.

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2 Comments to “How to Get a Temporary Email Address”

  1. temporary email Says:

    you can also try temporary email generator
    you can have it for 1h to 1 month

  2. Chris Says:

    Another handy disposable email account is pookmail.com, If you need to use an email address to access a web page whatever, use this! Create a daft name, something like me@pookmail.com and you good to go!

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