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Well, this thing about Google being funny is something I have already covered here at Web Talk. You may want to read these articles on how Google is funny and  Funny Pictures from Google Earth.   However, this time the tricks (or should I call them Easter Eggs?) I have found on Google have to do with its calculator. So, let’s see how out-of-ordinary calculations can give you funny and unexpected results!

  1. Go to Google.com (international version) .
  2. Type the following calculations:
    • answer to life the universe and everything
    • once in a blue moon
    • number of horns on a unicorn
    • How many teaspoons in a pint?
    • What is a googol?
    • What’s the answer to life, the universe and everything multiplied by the speed of light divided by three teaspoons?
    • What is a googol?
  3. Enjoy!

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One Comment to “Funny Tricks on Google Calculator”

  1. Sandrina Says:

    Wow, so good 🙂

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