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Google hacked pageWhat follows is an incredible Easter Egg in Google which a lot, really a lot of people don’t know about! Did you know that Google has got a secret page where everything is written using the rather unknown Hacker language? Such a language is used by hackers and it’s mainly composed by numbers and symbols. Find out where hackers search the Internet!

Go to this Google  hacker webpage and read its content…if you are able to!

Tip: Try to search for something…

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4 Comments to “Google Easter Egg. Secret Google Page in Hacker Language”

  1. Mark Ess Says:

    Another tip that I recognize! To expand, for those that don’t know:

    From the main Google page, click on “Search Settings” (near the top right corner of the screen). When that page loads, go to the drop down field in the “Interface Language” block and scroll through the mostly-realistic listings. After making a selection, tap on one of the “Save Preferences” buttons and see what happens…

  2. Web Talk Says:

    Well, my statement sounds a little naive I agree (and not Idiotic…) but I read it on Wikepedia so I thought to report it on my article.

  3. mark Says:

    “Such a language is used by hackers ” – call Hollywood Stereotype Department for other idiotic statements

  4. Renzo Says:

    “s3a2ch” looks a bit the word search written with the wrong keyboard driver… and so on… :))

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