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win7A couple of days ago I wrote on how to turn on the super admin account. Today, I am going to write on  how to get full Administrator rights and access thanks to a little, but rather unknown trick. So, thanks to this little tutorial you will be able to gain access,  total control and be the owner of any Windows 7 operating system, including its tools and apps.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Computer (you can also found this icon on the desktop).
  3. Right click on the Hard Disk icon where your OS is installed on and click Properties.
  4. Click the Security tab.
  5. Click the Advanced tab.
  6. Click  the Change Permissions button located after the Permission Entries list.
  7. A new window will appear on your screen. Such a window contains a list of all the user accounts available on your computer.
  8. Select the user account you want to give total control over your Windows 7 and click the Edit button.
  9. Now, tick the checkbox labeled “Total Control” and press OK.
  10. Done!

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59 Comments to “How to Get Full Administrator Rights in Windows 7”

  1. marni Says:

    I’ve had W7 for 3 days now, and it’s a continual fight to get administrators privileges/permissions/rights. Microsoft just f*cked up. Wish they’d spent as much time on this MAJOR BUG as they did with Aero window effects!

  2. Defender Says:

    I got up to step 9 where is says:
    tick the checkbox labeled “Total Control”
    I do not see an option that says “Total Control”
    I see one that says “Full control”, is that the same thing?

    I have all the check boxes check and Windows 7 still asks for permission to run a program or I have to run some programs as administrator. These programs never asked for permission before.



  3. Techod Says:

    What’s the point? The steps provided above require you to have administrative rights to be able assign administrative rights, see where I’m going?


  4. dahun2 Says:

    Says it cannot apply settings to C:/boot and will not let me change the admin rights.

  5. sasi Says:

    if we power on the system then shift is pressed 5 times then stickey keys are on . if we take the admistrator permission then ,if we press shift 5 times then it is asked for enter new password . here my question is how i will take the admistrator permission plzzzzzzzzzz tell me

  6. sasi Says:

    if we take the administator permission then windows is loked if we press shift 5 times then it can ask for entered new password or not????????????

  7. Jusuf Says:

    When I click ok, the dialog box come up and says an error occurred while applying security information to…. blablabla

  8. VaanMastCharles Says:

    Never mind. I got off my lazy bum and did it myself. I didn’t want to bother you.

  9. VaanMastCharles Says:

    Um, I don’t see a security tab, otherwise it would help.

  10. JayOrchestra Says:

    It tells me that it might be dangerous because i’m changing the permission on the root directory of the startup disc. Should i continiou anyway?

  11. chris Says:

    Once you have enabled Admin account Log off your old account and Delete the old account and use the admin account, and no more stupid messages.

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