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There are so many ways to search the same keywords on different search engines that sometimes we don’t know what to use. In fact, we can use specific software, use online tools or plugins etc. However, for those geeks who like to do things in the old way, I have got a nice trick which will amaze you. Did you know that Google and Bing use almost the same web address to fetch the results you are looking for?

Once you know that Google and Bing share the same URL (well, more or less) nothing will be impossible to you! Wanna an example? OK! If  you are looking for a specific keyword, which in our case is “nissan micra”  here is what you will have to do:

  1. Open Google.com and in the search field, type: Nissan Micra and hit the search button.
  2. If you look at the web address field in your browser, you’ll see that the  Google web address string obtained from the search you just made should be something like this: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=…
  3. Let’s say that you didn’t manage to get what you wanted. If you want swap search engine, don’t go to Bing, don’t open any your bookmark in your web browser! Simply, substitute from the above web address the word “Google ” to “Bing” and hit Enter! Here is the example: http://www.bing.com/search?hl=en&client=…

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4 Comments to “How to Search Different Search Engines in 3 Steps”

  1. Renzo Says:

    I’ve tried the search engine Ixquick out; it seems to be interesting; they claim not to record your ip address nor to put cookies on your pc and to be able to search contemporary different search engines; the home page is http://www.ixquick.com/

  2. Web Talk Says:

    Glad you liked. I just got this tricks a couple of days ago and I thought to write abotu it. hey Harris! I didnt know about this feature on Opera. Thanks!

  3. Daniel Says:

    Thanks!!! It really caught my attention.
    Helps alot to search better

  4. Harris Says:

    thanks for this tip…i’ve had your site in my speed dial in opera for a few months and finally subscribed to your email notification…one of the features in opera is the ability to add whatever search engine you wish and by typing a “g” or “b” or “y” – quotes not needed – in front of what you are searching for, it will search with that engine…makes it very easy to use different search engines…harris

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