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chromeGoogle Chrome, like majority of Web Browsers, has got among its options a nice and useful feature which prompts and allows  you to save your username and password once you sign-in a website or fill in a form. For some unknown reasons, Google Chrome, all of a sudden and without any warning may stop prompting you to save your passwords despite all the  options have been set in a correct way. This means that every time you have to sign-in a Internet service such as your email account for example, you will have to manually type your private information! Let’s see how to solve and fix this issue.

  1. If you have installed other browsers on your PC such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, run one of them by clicking their icons.
  2. Now, open the website Google Chrome doesn’t allow you to save your username and password. At this point the browser should ask you to save your private info. Click Yes.
  3. Now, open your Google Chrome.
  4. Click the spanner icon.
  5. Click Options.
  6. Click the Personal Stuff tab.
  7. Click the  Import Data from another browser button.
  8. In the from drop down menu, select select Internet Explorer or Firefox (depending on what browser you have just used)
  9. Tick the Saved Password check box and untick all the other options.
  10. Click the Import button.
  11. Done

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14 Comments to “How to Fix Google Chrome Does Not Save Username and Password”

  1. James Says:

    This is ridiculous having to use another browser to do this. I have this problem but I’ll never do that. If that’s required then Chrome sucks.

  2. Asif Says:

    Thanks Dharmesh, you have solved my problem…. 🙂

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