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bing trick

Searching the Web is a serious matter which can take a lot of time. But, since time is money we have to optimize everything in order to get the most out of our activity in less time. An annoying thing about searching things on search engines (Bing, for example) is that once you have got something after a search, you have to click the link pointing to a website, read the information you are looking for and, if you want to perform another search, click the back button on your browser. All this in an endless loop  which sometimes can take away a lot of time! Here is an interesting  Bing trick which will be able to significantly reduce the amount of steps you’ll have to take to searh stuff on the Internet.

  1. Go to Bing .com
  2. On the upper, right side of Bing, click Preferences.
  3. Under Web Settings, tick the Open links in a new browser window checkbox.

Well, believe it or not, this simple trick will save you a lot of time. Next time you will perform a search on Bing, results will be displayed on a different tab or window. In this way you won’t have to press the back button on your browser after you have finished reading a websiteto go to Bing web page.

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4 Comments to “How to Open Bing Search Results in a New Tab”

  1. Loong Says:

    We can always ‘middle-click’ to open the link in an new tab. :)

  2. zdrhdh Says:

    It doesn’t work for images…

  3. Bill Carlton Says:

    In ie8 the middle click doesn’t work nor the preferences trick. It’s still a step up from Google’s new idiot search.

  4. jd Says:

    does not work at all, going back to dogpile

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